Tosha Token is the native governance token whereby holders who invest in TOSHA token can govern the protocol. By staking it in a TOSHA vault or by simply holding this token in your wallet, users can take part in the DAO decision-making governance processes of Tosha IO. There will be max supply of 100,000,000 $TOSHA tokens.

Initial Supply

The initial mint will be 23% of the total maximum supply, and will be broken down as follows:

Allocation Category% of Max SupplyNumber of Tokens

Vested Team Funds



Strategic Partnerships



IDO/ICO (Liquidity Bootstrapping)



Initial Liquidity



Community Reserves



Note: Of the 23% minted, only 1.6% will be in circulation upon launch, all other tokens will follow the vesting schedules described below.

Initial Liquidity

The Liquidity Pool on OASIS will use the 0.5% of the allocated 2% of the Total Max Supply of TOSHA i.e.e (500,000 TOSHA) and X worth of USDC – the details of actual USD amount will be confirmed at later date.

  • Rest of the 1.5m TOSHSA will be added into liquidity pools over different various networks. The details and exact time will be announced.

  • The LP tokens received for making the initial pool will be deposited into the TOSHA/USDC farm on behalf of a vesting contract that will be time-locked for 180 days. The farm rewards will not be vested.

Vested Team Funds

We are committed to the development and long-term growth of TOSHA ecosystem. Therefore, the team funds will be vested linearly over 4 years with cliff of 6 months rather than aggressive emissions schedule. The team funds will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% Initial allowance (1,100,000 TOSHA)

  • 90% Vested linearly over 4 years with 6 months cliff

None of the initially unlocked allowance will be used in the farm. Both the team wallet and vesting contract will be made available in the documentation.

Deflationary mechanisms

Tosha Tokens will be burned at the rate of 10% from the treasury fees.

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