Introduction to is a DeFi multi-chain yield optimizer project that allows users to maximise earnings from their crypto investments. It aggregates farming pools from various DeFi projects that offer rewards when tokens are staked. Tosha IO automatically collects rewards and reinvests them periodically. This is accomplished by employing various strategies that aim to optimize and maximize the yield on the return. offers complex strategies that are simple yet intuitive for any investor to take part in through vault offerings on the platform. The first set of vaults will be going live in Q2 2022 on Oasis. After initial deployment, will expand to other blockchains such as Matic, Avalanche, Arbritrum, Celo etc. More details are in our Roadmap.

How is different ?

Inspired by Beefy.Finance, Tosha differentiates itself by the underlying strategies and optimization techniques it uses. In particular, typical yield optimizers aim at increasing the APY by converting rewards back into the LP token and then reinvests them into the same farm or LP. Their goal is to give incentives or rewards in the same LP token that is deposited into the vault.

However, at do the things differently. We collect the rewards from liquidity pools or farms and swap them into Tosha token using Decentralised Exchanges. Therefore, there is consistent buy pressure on the Tosha token from the open market. This buy pressure and increases the demand and price for Tosha token. Following this, we deposit these newly bought Tosha tokens into the Tosha vault that produces even more of its own staking rewards. Since the rewards from Tosha vault are also auto- compounded, it can bring huge APY on the user’s initial investment.

We provide a simple yet effective way for investors to interact with various pools, projects, and other yield opportunities without the need for constant decision making and manual actions. Set it and forget it.

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