Token Emissions

After the initial mint, the remaining supply will be emitted over 4 years, following our Emission Schedule .The emissions will be distributed as follows:

Allocation Category% of Supply AllocatedNumber of TokensVesting Period

LP Farm Rewards



4 years

Treasury Reserve Funds



4 years

LP Farm Rewards

Most of the token distribution is attributed to LP farm rewards. The tokens will be minted as per the vesting schedule and transferred to reward pool contract.

Treasury Funds

The community will decide where the Treasury Funds are spent. To reassure this promise, the treasury fund will be 2/3 multisig wallet consisting of 1 TOSHA team member and 2 community members.


We have huge growth plans and big roadmap in the pipeline. There are some exciting and challenging products that we will be brining into TOSHA ecosystem. And that needs more resources and infrastructure to support that. Therefore we need to raise more money for our future plans as specified in the roadmap. We will raise an IDO and sell 5% of the tokens to the public. For OASIS launch, we will be selling 2.5% of the tokens, rest of the 2.5% will be reserved for IDOs on secondary chains. The unsold tokens will be burnt and will share the details in the documentation. The exact date and time for the IDO will be announced. The tokens will be vested linearly over 6 months instead of aggressive unlock.

Emission Schedule

The schedule of TOSHA emissions over the next 4 years.

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