Tosha.io is a decentralized multi-chain smart yield optimizer platform where users earn auto-compounded interest on their crypto investments.

Tosha's platform offers ‘Vaults’ where users stake their crypto tokens. The investment strategies are tied to specific vaults through smart contracts and tokens are deposited into Liquidity Pools (LPs) and farms with the aim to maximize the yield on the return for deposits. The rewards earned on these pools/farms are automatically converted into Tosha token which are further invested into Tosha Vault. This provides a significant advantage over manual reinvestment. The objective is not only to maximise APY on the investment but also to create consistent buy pressure on the Tosha token.

Tosha is a true Decentralised Finance app, meaning users remain in possession of their private keys. The user is in full control of their investments without the necessity of a third-party. Therefore, all the funds staked in a vault are in control of the users and can always be withdrawn at any time. Truly trustless and permissionless, the way Defi should be.

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